Monday, November 30, 2009

THE POWER OF RAW THOUGHT - A Story of Spiritual Insights

The Power of Raw Thought
A Story of Spiritual Insights
Surinder J. Singh
List of contents
· A Note: God has no Gender
· 1. I Met a Monk
· 2. The Quest
· 3. The Monk—2nd time
· 4. Kabul
· 5. Infidel
· 6. Bombay
· 7. Santji
· 8. Déjà vu
· 9. Death
· 10. The Near Death Experience
· 11. The Event
· 12. Wake up
· 13. Back to the Monk
· 14. Who is ‘I am’?
· 15. The Stages of Consciousness
· 16. Why God Created the Life?
· 17. Sat-chit-anand
· 18. Is Guru a Prerequisite
· 19. The Tree and the Bird.
· Appendix


  1. SJ,
    Just read tfirst few chapters of your fascinating spiritual journey. It has totally engrossing dialogues, views, discourses and commentaries laced with candidness, feeling and humour too. As a fellow pilot it resonated within me even more. Most importantly (for me personally) it raises many vital issues and questions of one's spirituality and 'good' beingness as against the cover of religion which is worn like a uniform.
    I look forward to purchasing this book asap and and also gifting one to my pilot son.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and consciousness of one's role in the universe.
    M.Reza Beg.

  2. Very real, very well written. Thanks.